Alaska Bird Conference

The conference is hosted by the Prince William Sound Science Center

The first Alaska Bird Conference was held in 1985, in Anchorage. It grew from the often-expressed need for exchange of information among those in government, universities, non-government organizations, and the private sector who are working with Alaska’s diverse and abundant birds. The conference has been held on an approximately biannual basis ever since.

This year marks the 17th Alaska Bird Conference. The Conference regularly attracts between 150 and 200 participants reporting on their latest findings and new initiatives. By design, the conference retains a familiar and friendly atmosphere, welcoming new students and ornithologists into the fold, and providing a much-anticipated gathering for those who work with and care for Alaska’s birds.

This year’s conference is hosted by the Prince William Sound Science Center, with significant contributions from an organizing committee, scientific program committee, and awards committee. The conference will be held at the Cordova Center.

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Breakfast of Champions_Susan Ogle

artwork by Susan Ogle


The following committees have worked to develop the program for the 2016 Alaska Bird Conference:


Local Organizing Committee

Co-Chairs: Erin Cooper (US Forest Service); Kristen Gorman (Prince William Sound Science Center); John Pearce (US Geological Survey)

Mary Anne Bishop (Prince William Sound Science Center, and the Prince William Sound Audubon Society)

Milo Burcham (US Forest Service)

Melissa Gabrielson (US Forest Service)

Ann Harding (Prince William Sound Science Center)

Cathy Long (Cordova Chamber of Commerce)

Kate McLaughlin (The Alaska Hummingbird Project, Inc.)

Anne Schaefer (Prince William Sound Science Center)

Charlotte Westing (Alaska Department of Fish & Game)

John Whissel (Native Village of Eyak)


Scientific Program Committee

Dan Ruthrauff (US Geological Survey)

Kristen Gorman

Melissa Gabrielson

Steve Matsuoka (US Geologial Survey)

Eric Taylor (US Fish and Wildlife Service)


Judging Committee (student travel and presentation awards)

John Pearce

Erin Cooper

Audrey Taylor (University of Alaska Anchorage)

John Whissel


Isleib Award Committee

Jerry Hupp, Chair (US Geological Survey)

Carol McIntyre (National Park Service)

Beth Peluso (Audubon, Alaska)


Volunteer Committee

Mary Anne Bishop

Kate McLaughlin


Pre-conference Workshops

Erin Cooper

Garrett Savory (Boreal Partners in Flight)


Poster Session Committee

Milo Burcham

Charlotte Westing