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A wide range of habitat surrounds the coastal town of Cordova, and the area boasts one of the most extensive maintained trail system in the State of Alaska.

Winter weather in Prince William Sound is, however, unpredictable…

December could allow skiing on Mt Eyak, where skiers enjoy the use of an historic 1939 American Steel and Wire single chair lift. Or, we could be ice-skating for miles below the spectacular Sheridan Glacier. Or, if you’re really lucky…you could be wearing full rain-gear and enjoying a hike through the rain-forest!

We’ll post updates on weather, most suitable winter-activities and trails nearer the time.

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce is also happy to answer any specific questions either before or during your trip.

December 3 Weather Update: We’ve lucked out.  Cordova is a winter wonderland, and the forecast for the week is cold.  Conditions for ice-skating on Sheridan Lake (a 15 mile drive and then a one-mile hike from town) were great today, and may hold out for the week (unless we get much more snow). The ski hill is still easy to hike. Bring ice-grippers for your boots if you have them.  The wind has been from the north, so bring warm clothes if you intend to explore outside. 

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artwork by David Rosenthal

In addition to exploring on your own:

Auklet Charter Services is offering half-day natural history/birding boat tours during the 17th Alaska Bird Conference. Read more.

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artwork by David Rosenthal

Sheridan Glacier Tour!

Friday 8th: 9am to 2pm. Trip to Sheridan Glacier. Skiing or skating possible, depending on ice and snow conditions. We’ll post an update on lake conditions nearer the time.

We will be passing the airport en route back to town, if anyone needs a drop-off.

Please email John Whissel to book a place in the van, or with any questions.


Phone: 907 424 7738

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artwork by David Rosenthal